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Take your productivity to another level with Tribe Pro and unlock truly awesome features like Meeting Master, import/export from Excel, resource leveling, and so much more! (1)

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Create multiple tasks quickly with Tribe. If someone else uses Tribe with you, they’ll see a task on their board; if not, they’ll get an email instead.

Select any task you want to edit. You can change a task’s Priority, Due Date, Reminders, Effort, Add a Comment, Attach files, attach a task to a Project, and so much more!

Use Meeting Master to quickly capture deliverables during a meeting. Drop your meeting notes in and Tribe will help you create tasks and send a follow-up message to everyone on your team.

Import excel sheets and turn them into tasks. Create hundreds of tasks and custom workflows and quickly turn them into tasks in Tribe.

Use 6 distinct views to sort and resort your task view quickly. Sort your tasks by people, importance, priority, project, and workload.

Tribe lets you see what you and your team are working on. See what’s happening with teams and projects, quickly know how things are progressing.

Contractors are great, but they can be tough to manage when they’re not in the office with you. Take control of your contractors with a tool you know they already use (their email!)

See exactly how much work is assigned to you, underway, and completed. Track work and know exactly what’s getting done and who’s doing it.

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Client services, remote teams, and independent contractors love Tribe the most. A few ways people like you are using Tribe:
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