Frequently Asked Questions

Tribe Coach

Q: How do I control notifications for clients?

A: You have complete control over all client notifications. By default, Tribe will not send any emails unless you choose to activate automatic notifications. You may select weekly reminders, daily reminders, and customize when each task will appear on the client’s action plan. Clients may take control and adjust their own settings if they’d like.

Q: Does Tribe Coach work with Tribe Pro and the free version?

A: Absolutely! By default, each client is signed up for the free version of Tribe. They never have to create a password, download an app, or log into a separate website. They can interact with action plans entirely through their existing email account, without learning a new app. It’s simple!

Q: How does Tribe Coach help me acquire new clients?

A: We help convert your existing content, guides, and client materials into powerful action plans. These can be embedded into content, emails, and websites. With the click of a button, prospective clients unpack these plans and instantly access a private room with the coach. This helps you deliver value first before the sale, and build trust before you ask for money.

Q: Do clients have to pay for Tribe?

A: No. Clients are able to use Tribe free forever. If they choose to upgrade to Tribe Pro, our robust platform for small businesses, plans start at $10/user per month.

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