“That’s a Task” : Why we don’t always see the tasks around us

August 5, 2016
Oliver Stahl

There are tasks everywhere. You can find them in your email, in your text messages, or even in your thoughts as you dream at night. That’s why sometimes they’re hard to see. Because tasks are omnipresent, they almost become invisible to us. When you realize when there are tasks literally everywhere, its hard to unsee and this can stress some people out.

One of the things that we have become at Tribe are hawks for being able to spot tasks. When people begin using Tribe, they often tell us they don’t have any tasks and therefore can’t fill their Tribe account with things they need to do.

So, to help everyone out there that is in need of seeing what has become invisible,
here are the 5 ways you can find tasks:

  1. Anytime you say “Can you?”, “Will you?”, “Would you?”, “Could you?”

  2. Those are tasks in the making. If you are creating a request, thats a task for someone; maybe its for yourself!

  3. Dig into your email

  4. Is there an email where you asked someone to do something for you, or an email where someone asked you to do something for them? If the answer is yes to either of those then there are tasks! Please, from us to you (and its because we love you), please stop sending emails to yourself and leaving them unread in your inbox! This creates mental clutter for the sake of recording something.

    Pro Tip: If you take that email I mentioned (where you found something you need to do), and you FWD it to Task@Tribe.do, you can create a reminder for yourself in Tribe. Anyone can do this and never need to signup, download, or create an account to begin!!

  5. Personal To-Do lists are Tribe tasks

  6. Think about this, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take all of the tasks you wrote down on paper lists and have them all available to you online anytime in the future to help show your longterm progress. We know it feels good to cross off something with a pen, but trust us, it feels better to be able to know everything you did over a week, or a month, or a year and have it all safely in one place.

  7. Your tasks are in your head

  8. We all have the top 3 tasks that we need to do in our head. “Turn in this assignment” or “pickup friend from the airport”. The trouble is when these tasks start to become overwhelming. “[Short term memory] holds a small amount of information (typically around 7 items or even less) in mind in an active, readily-available state for a short period of time (typically from 10 to 15 seconds, or sometimes up to a minute).

  9. Record all of the things you say you will do

  10. This is a practice that I try and do at least once a year. I track everything that I say that I will do for other people for a few days, and track what people tell me they’ll do for me. You would be amazed how much information ends up getting tracked. Try this yourself with Tribe!

Tasks, although small and innocous to most, are crucially important and need to be tracked because before you know it, you might be overwhelmed. The question isn’t if, its when do you become overwhelmed. When that moment hits, thats when you need to already know what your preferred system is to dump everything into for you to then sift, organize, and structure tasks into projects and tribes.

We give you the tool, you do the work. Thing is, with Tribe, we actually help you do the work too. :)

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