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June 10, 2016
Oliver Stahl

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My life as an admin consisted of living in Microsoft Outlook watching for things that would come in to my and my bosses email, watching the schedule, and trying to simultaneously absorb direct and indirect details. I was able to schedule things for my boss, and for myself as we interacted with co-workers, clients and other individuals looking for time on an impossible calendar. Eventually, the weight of the pressure to always stay on top of the self-generating chaos got the better of me. I’m convinced that if I had Tribe when I was an admin, I might still be an admin…

Tribe is perfect for administrative assistants, let’s look at why…

  1. You can use Tribe in your email
  2. Issue: I had a major issue when I started: there was so much happening that my paper lists could never keep up. So I switched to a digital solution; Evernote, problem solved right? Nope, because that was only good for “brain-dumping” stuff into so that I could remember it. I would put things into Evernote, but I then had to go back into Evernote to find the tasks and details I needed. So I tried another tool, Wunderlist, which almost got me all the way there. However, Wunderlist left me switching between it and my email to be constantly updating my lists and to-do’s in yet another tool, which wasted my time and was inefficient. After a few months I had tried 3 new organizational tools, both of which needed constant “gardening”.

    Solution: You can use Tribe IN your email so that you never have to leave your inbox to use Tribe and see your tasks and to-do’s. Make direct changes to your tasks in your inbox to update or edit your tasks without ever needing to switch to another tool. We let you use Tribe in your email so that all of our activities stay current and lets you stay working in your email while still getting to use Tribe. We built Tribe to work on top of any email account (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

  3. You can use Tribe with anyone, especially your boss
  4. Issue: I loved using Wunderlist just to be able to digitally start to organize everything for my boss and myself. It synced across my devices, and I was able to sort of lean off of depending on my paper lists; but I couldn’t share my lists with others. Technically I could, but I knew it would be a waste of time; I would have to convince my boss to use Wunderlist with me and I knew that wasn’t going to happen. My boss would give me tasks and I would record them in Wunderlist to remember them for later, details would be lost and never again acknowledged going forward in a task. He couldn’t update my Wunderlist task system, so it added extra work to my existing workload for me to go and do it. No good.

    Solution: You can use Tribe with anyone, on any device, and never ask anyone to download or sign up to use with you.

    • As an assistant, let’s say your boss sends you an email asking you to do something (fairly common I would guess for most assistants). When you get that email, forward it to That instantly adds that email as a to-do, directly to your task list with all of the details they want you to know about the task from that email.
    • If you wanted to record a quick to-do, send an email to and that will add that quick task to your list so your don’t forget about it later.
    • Finally, let’s go as far as to assume your boss wants to use Tribe with you, when they email you requests, have them CC and that will instantly add that task to your list for you! Now, tasks will be instantly added to your organizational system and you can look at them using the Tribe desktop or mobile apps for yourself and with your boss to take even more control over your tasks.

  5. Your Tasks Live in the Cloud and Update for you as you Go

    Issue: Wunderlist was awesome, problem was, I wasted all sorts of time updating my Wunderlist lists for them to be effective. It required a lot of “gardening”, and could only keep up as fast as I could update it. Things would move fast, I would forget to update Wunderlist and then things would really fall apart on me quickly as I went to depend on my Wunderlist, forgetting crucial details.

    Solution: Tribe keeps up with the task as it evolves. Because Tribe is used in your email on a cloud based storage system, you aren’t ever constrained by updating Tribe manually. Here’s the thing; because you include Tribe early on with your emails that are tasks, now Tribe can listen for any responses etc. that happen with that email chain. People communicate back and forth, Tribe records all of it on that given task you have. Never again look to update your tool, its already updated with the latest changes and is waiting for you, or someone else, to execute on with the latest information. Ultimate point being, if you include Tribe to the task, then Tribe will listen and record/track all of the iterations for you to always know whats new without requiring you to be updating it all along.

Tribe is definitely an administrative assistants’ new weapon in the war on organization. Using Tribe with your boss, your co-workers, and in your own life will surely help move things in your life along as you are constantly updated on whats happening. Best way to find out yourself is by giving a try. Begin by visiting Tribe today and explore how Tribe might be able to help you!

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