The Same Task in 2 Places, at the Same Time

May 23, 2016
Oliver Stahl

Typically in project management software, tasks are organized by projects, obviously. This of course makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how we treat tasks inside of those projects. In project management software, we treat tasks as an after thought to the project, making the project the priority over the tasks. Maybe this has happened to you:

  • You have a task and put it in Project A
  • Then you realize, that the task actually belongs in Project A and Project B

Here is where things can get confusing. To solve the problem above, you can do one of two things:

  1. You can create a duplicate of that task and put one of each in Project A and Project B.

    • What this does is leaves you with 2 of the same task in Projects A & B. So then if you complete the task in Project A and mark it done, it won’t show as complete in Project B because they’re two different tasks, even though to you its the same task.
  2. You put that task in project A, and try to remember that you need to do that task for project B too.

Neither of these options is good enough for when things get busy.

That’s why we did something about it.

We saw the gap with this particular problem; what happens when you have 1 task that needs to be seen in 2 projects at the same time? We don’t mean a duplicate or a clone of a task, but the same task. What happens when you need the same task to appear in more than 1 project at the same time? When you need to see the same task in 2 projects at the same time?

With Tribe, we solved this issue for you using a “Task First” approach to project management.

We broke it down like this:

  1. Create tasks for all of the things you need to do.
  2. Then, after creating the tasks, decide how those tasks should be grouped together into projects.

This allows you to group the tasks you have into projects after creating the tasks, rather than being forced to create fake projects to put tasks in when you just have tasks not apart of a project.

But wait, you said I could have 1 task appear in multiple projects?

This is a GIF of Tribe, showing how you can have 1 task in 2 projects at the same time. If you watch, I move a task from The top project to the project below it, move the task to the DONE column. Then, that task is seen as completed in both projects.

Projects in Tribe Pro

Here’s how we did that. Remember how we took a “task first” approach? With Tribe, you create the task first and then put it into a project. Here’s where it gets fun. Because we let you create the task, and then put it in a project, we allow you to put that task in more than 1 project at the same time if you want. We realized that’s whats needed in real life. Sometimes work, projects and tasks become messy venn diagrams where 1 task is actually a critical part of multiple projects at the same time.

With Tribe, you can have 1 task appear in multiple projects at the same time. We don’t mean a duplicate or a clone of the task; we mean that you can have the same task in multiple projects at the same time.

We know its very nitpicky to care about things like this, but things like this would happen to us in real life and we know that these things probably happen to you too.

For more information on how we let you create projects, click on this link here: (Link)

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