A Human-First Approach to Task Management

May 23, 2016
Oliver Stahl

We know there is some incredible project management [PM] software in the world. We looked at the major players and realized something very simple and it blew our mind. PM software is built for Project Managers, looking to manage projects. No duhh!


The problem occurs when you give project management software to people who aren’t project managers who aren’t trying to manage a project. What usually happens is the non-PM’s try to use PM software and shoehorn the software at every turn to try and make it work for them. That’s like a tennis player using a frying pan because cooks swear by frying pans and its circular like a tennis racquet so they suppose they could try and make it work.

We looked at this issue:
Where’s the task management software for everyday people? What do people do who aren’t project managers to organize their activities when the work they’re doing isn’t necessarily in a project?


That’s why we built Tribe, with this exact question in mind. We wanted software that would help people manage their work and wouldn’t force them to put their tasks in a project if that task wasn’t supposed to be in a project. Now, don’t get us wrong, you can have projects in our app, we just don’t force you to categorize everything before creating it.

So, here’s what we did:
With Tribe we allow you to pick a task and tag it to appear in different projects and groups. We focus on the task at hand first before trying to sort it into projects and groups. Then, tag the task with your different tribes (groups) and projects. After you tag tasks, that task will appear in those different tribes and projects. We even let you tag a task with more than 1 project or tribe to let the same task appear in different places.

Let’s agree on one-thing; not every task is created equal and some tasks are sometimes important to more than 1 project at a time. It’s looking at managing work through the eyes of the average person trying to create, manage, and organize their work.

So if you’re not a project manager managing a project but you still do things and need to keep it all together in one place then look at Tribe! We had you in mind when building this. Built for the everyday worker trying to keep things going forward. We won’t force you to work in any particular way, but we give you all of the tools you’ll ever need.

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