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May 14, 2016
Oliver Stahl

When my boss, Tribe CTO and Co-Founder Sam Harris, built Meeting Master he did so out of frustration from his own meetings. He was running a 2,000 person company and was frustrated at the inefficiencies that would happen every week during the weekly meetings. His company would gather every Monday morning to go around the room talking about what everyone was planning on doing for the week, and how they were going to do it. Great right? WRONG, because then for the next week everyone would run around and confirm and ask “What was it that I said you were going to do?” Big, ugly reply-all chain emails would be created every Monday afternoon and everyone would begin to add comments on who said who was going to do what. Then after one week, they would play this game all over again.


This happened for weeks before Sam became too frustrated. He asked himself “How can this happen every week?” So, he decided to try another strategy; he would have his secretary record notes of what was discussed in the meeting and email the notes to everyone to keep the group on the same page. This worked, sort of. It started to get people on more of the same page but still didn’t kill the reply-all chains. Sam’s secretary would send out the weekly email, only for that to become cannibalized with people trying to coordinate work over a reply-all chain. It got better, but the problem still wasn’t solved.


Sam, as an efficiency expert knew there had to be a better way, so he examined the problem from all angles and created what we now know as Meeting Master. Meeting Master is a very simple tool that solves a complex issue; how do you combine notes and tasks in 1 place. So, he did just that.

Here’s how Meeting Master works:

  1. When you have a meeting open up Tribe, and click on the Arrow on the +New Task button in the top left corner, choose Meeting Master.
  2. When you begin to use it, it will automatically title the meeting with the Day, Time, and Date. This special title also groups the meeting into 1 project so that at any time, you can find everything discussed on a particular date in 1 place.
  3. Take notes as you otherwise would. Record meeting attendees, location, topics, or deliverables and initiatives you aim to hit.
  4. Dynamically create tasks on the fly! Type in the @ symbol to assign a task to someone, type the # to place the task in a tribe (group, or folder), type the * symbol to place that task in a specific project, and type in / (forward slash) to decide when that task is due and its urgency.
  5. Now, you likely have lots of notes and tasks all mixed together after a robust meeting. Take your meeting and finalize it! Click on Send Email and Create Tasks to do just that! You can send the email of your notes and tasks to keep everyone in the loop for what happened in the meeting for context. Then, assign tasks instantly before walking out of the room, tasks are instantly assigned and documented.

Here is a GIF that shows the entire process!

Meeting Master (Big)

And that’s it! With Meeting Master we make it easy for you to take control of your meetings. We help you kill the reply all chains. We help you get rid of “What did you say you were going to do?” from your company’s vocabulary. We help you assign tasks before getting up from the meeting making sure people are accountable for what they said they would do. Most importantly, it keeps everyone on the same page and moving forward.

We hope you look to become your companies Meeting Master with our simple, yet effective tool. And if it’s not you, just show your company’s secretary or meeting minutes person. They’ll become your new best friend ☺

Link to Help.Tribe.do explaining Meeting Master!

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