Powerful Project Management for Regular People

May 6, 2016
Oliver Stahl

Once upon a time there was this radical idea that regular people could manage projects. Then, it suddenly wasn’t good enough anymore to just be someone good at managing projects, you had to make that your title and own that role in your group. Soon, we saw all sorts of different Project Management [PM] professionals popping up and PMP certifications given to those who can prove they are extremely organized. This was all good and well (we love you PM peeps), the problem came when software tried to help. And it did, for a while. Suddenly we had new PM Software being used to help busy professionals juggle their own projects.

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PM software was useful; it gave you strict guidelines and helped you structure projects. The problem came when regular people asked the software to become more flexible for everyday use by non-PM professionals and the software companies plowed right along unchanged. And why would they want to change? They had armies of loyal fans demanding more functionality and power!

But what do I mean when I say that the new PM software wasn’t working? What I’m saying is that PM tools were adopted by the masses, but it wasn’t just PM professionals using it, regular people were using it too. Regular people just trying to organize their work, but forced to use an overly complicated system became frustrated. It was fitting a round peg into a square hole. Regular people just wanted something more than a task list, but less than a rigid high performance PM tool. PM professionals couldn’t have been happier but ostracized their co-workers in the process, leaving them totally uncomfortable using such intense software.

We saw this too. Regular people just trying to organize their life, forcing their tasks into “projects” and placing arbitrary deadlines on tasks because the PM software made them. Typically what happens is the PM people in a company will use an intense tool leaving the casual users to interact with an overly intense product to manage work. Or the casual users will outnumber the PM professionals, forcing PM professionals to use a lightweight task manager that feels too wimpy for PM’s looking to organize. Nobody wins…

That’s why we built Tribe, so that both groups can have what they want and have totally different experiences using the same tool. A powerful PM tool for project managers, and a lightweight task manager for everyone else.

Here’s why we like to think we’ve fixed this problem [a PM tool that hardcore and casual project managers can use together]. With Tribe, you can have all of your tasks available to you in an unstructured way (casual users). Casual users can create tasks for themselves and make the tasks due Later, Soon, or Now with no due dates on any of their tasks. Alternatively the PM’s can take their tasks and assign due dates, reminders, and group tasks into projects you can manage and track. The point is, with Tribe you can have casual and hardcore users using Tribe together to share and manage work and lets the 2 groups have totally separate experiences.

How to Create Projects in Tribe

How to Create Projects in Tribe

So, isn’t it time your team found a tool that you can all use together in totally different ways, but accomplish the same productivity goals?

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