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A Single Dashboard for any industry

With so many fragmented customer engagement tools in the market, we're the first
platform to bridge CRM, Marketing, Sales, & Operations into a single, seamless suite.

20 Core Components To Integrate With

We have already built the data in/out methods, out-of-the-box screens, dashboard and
reporting for these major components, so you don't have to.


Tag attributes, filter by interaction and see every interaction for all your people.


Manage sales, products, inventory and cost and/or integrate to another ERP.


Process payments, run transactional reports and kick off recurring billing.


Launch events, sell tickets, invite attendees and manage your venue.


Book appointments, sync with other calendars and manage time slots.


Manage locations, feed specials or search by attributes.


Reward points, track interactions and gamify anything.


Generate and validate offers to integrate with another system, such as a POS.


Generate new membership cards, track activity and run reports.


Build pages, report on analytics and streamline template updates.


Capture results, run reports, add questions and segment your responses.


Enter contestants, randomize prize delivery, select winners and run reports.


Track customer feedback and share reviews.


Send newsletters, kick off notifications and report on delivery.


Send messages, view your inbox and integrate real-time chat.


Schedule posts, view your post calendar, monitor social and run reports.


Schedule instant notifications or kick one off.


Build dyanmic campaigns, run reports and kick-off the start.


Build programmed intelligence and run reports on hit rate.


Push data to other systems in real-time.

Built to Be Customized

Leveraging the most common languages in web development, we have opened up PeopleVine for complete control over the look and feel of every out-of-the-box page.

Build out custom templates or rearrange existing ones with HTML.

Leverage your brand's colors, font and spacing with CSS.

Manipulate the DOM with JavaScript or jQuery which is loaded by default.

Or simply leverage our control panel to configure an out of the box experience.

Built to Integrate

It's your data, so we want to ensure you have easy access to it.


Connect to our API to export data even to Excel.


Web Hooks provide a real-time sync between our system and yours.


Export data with one-click in our control panel for just about anything.


We're already integrated with top social networks, sales platforms and more.

An Open API

We take care of the access control, validation, data consistency, encryption, business logic, backups, redundancy and improvements... you just call it.


We started with our API

Then we built the tools to help you manage your data, run reports and engage with your customers out-of-the-box.


Over 450 API Methods

We provide all the business logic, data validation, encryption and access controls, so all you have to do is make the call.

Ready to take PeopleVine for a spin?

Get Started

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