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We call it the Agency's Platform

We built PeopleVine for agencies, based on working directly with them and learning from using it as an agency ourselves.

We built PeopleVine to provide agencies with a central platform to manage every client, every campaign and every web site with a single login.

And not to mention ensuring every consumer interaction is tracked to a single profile.

The Ultimate Platform

We know how to make your life easier (and your team's), so we built it all into PeopleVine.

One Login. Every Client.

company select

PeopleVine provides you a single access point to manage consumer engagement for each of your clients.

A Branded Experience.

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With complete control over the domain name, page design and templates, consumers are comfortable as they engage.

Quick out the Door.

company select

Over 60 turn-key experiences that take on the brand's look and feel by pressing a button.

Automation for Continuous Engagement

Put the strategy together and PeopleVine will ensure continuous engagement with your client's consumers.

Follow Up With Instant Notifications

As soon as a consumer completes an action, we can automatically send them an email or sms notification.

Engage. Drip. Follow Through.

Leverage campaigns to send time based communication across email, sms and even tweets.

It's Your Birthday. Have some cake.

Send an offer, coupon or gift card to be used on a special day.

Programmed Intelligence.

We can watch incoming text messages and tweets then auto reply based on specific keywords.

Increase Brand Activation

Leverage PeopleVine's Programmed Intelligence to further engage with consumers across every touhcpoint.

Learn More

Features Your Team Will Love

We know what it's like to work on and manage projects for clients,
so we took that into consideration when we built the platform.

Site Layouts

Wrap every page in a branded experience.

Content Templates

Ensure a consistent and clean design across every page.

Complete Control

Ensure every newsletter and every notification is consistent.

Domain Names

Your domain name and vanity url routed to any piece of content.

Media and Files

A content delivery network for every file you upload.

Import and Export

Easily migrate from other platforms.

Tiny URL

Build something and get a long and short URL instantly.

Most Flexible

Leverage out-of-the-box or make a change with a little code.

Ready to take PeopleVine for a spin?

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